Social Media Genius Week

It’s been a bit of year so far in 2020 and we are only halfway through! We have watched brands fall and fold during the pandemic, with many others struggling to stay afloat and that’s not good – brands are the lifeblood of our economy.

So we created Social Media Genius Week as our way at The Media Marketing Co to give back to our community – CMOs, sales and marketing and business people – and try to help where we can by sharing knowledge, research and resources. To bring together luminaries from within our community and networks to share their insights, highlight the good and the bad; in short, to do some Social Goodness.

None of us has all the answers; we can’t have because these are extraordinary times. We are all simply doing the best we can. But what we can do is share what we know, and having been there from the start and watched it grow into an essential platform, we know Social Media. We just don’t know it, we believe in it.

Social media gets a bad press but the power it has to do good is immense because it is simply human beings being social, just online. And we believe in humans.

So this week our aim is to share with you the best way for brands to use the power of social goodness to unleash their inner genius and so become more loved and hopefully not just survive this extraordinary period, but thrive.

We have therefore unpicked the various strands that make up true social media genius. We look at the best campaigns that plug into the zeitgeist and influence hearts and change minds and see what other brands can learn from them. We look at how social media can influence communities and be a catalyst for change for good, and how people and brands are using it badly (and the lessons you can take from that) and to how brands can use social media properly to give them a voice, find their audience and increase their visibility.

A big part of being a social media genius brand is becoming visible and important to your audience in their everyday lives, which is a challenge when Meaningful Brands research finds that consumers wouldn’t care if 77% of brands were to disappear.

And with great visibility comes great responsibility. Consumers look to brands to provide leadership – and at no time has that been highlighted more than now – in times of great uncertainty, stress, fear and anxiety. We expect business leaders to strive to do the right thing and if brands fail in these expectations, we can turn on them very quickly – as every business who’s been the focus of a social media crisis will tell you.

Each day during Social Media Genius Week we at The Media Marketing Co have delved into about the different technical and creative elements that are essential to achieving Social Media Genius, sharing resources and insights, and celebrating the best examples from the past decade with our Genius Awards. You can find out which ones made the grade, why we think they are genius, and vote on them here.

Monday 22nd June

What is Social Media Genius?

  • Interview with Douglas Burdett, the host of Marketing Book Podcast, listed by Forbes as one of the top 11 Podcasts ‘To keep you in the know’ and listed by LinkedIn as one of the ‘Top 10 Marketing Podcasts’.
  • Interview with PR rockstar Natalie Trice, author of two books, PR coach and trainer.
  • Delve down into the nuts and bolts of what is social media genius.
  • How the first page of Google is a truly achievable aim.
  • How to start taking your social media presence to another level.
  • TWO great free resources to download.

Tuesday 23rd June

Change for Good

Change for good
  • Interview with heavyweight PR pro, Kirsty Leighton, who is founder of B-corp certified PR agency Milk and Honey and Chair of the the PRCA
  • Interview with Natalie Bruins, CMO of a new digital bank, founder of Visibly.Rocks, and a marketing superstar who has decades of experience working in B2B and retail on both agency and client side.
  • How brands can earn trust and develop resilience and longevity.
  • How COVID-19 has really affected brands.
  • A free guide: ‘What Good Looks Like Now’

Wednesday 24th June

Influence: At the Heart of Your Community

This is what is happening on Day Three:

  • Interview with Mark Masters, the hands that made marketing and media training community, You Are The Media.
  • Interview with Bella Rareworld, the networking guru.
  • Looking at importance of Community as part of your business.
  • Why and how you need to exert influence with every touch.
  • How Influencers can help your brand.
  • How COVID-19 will probably have changed things forever (and this might not be a bad thing. Unless you love canapes).
  • THREE great free resources to take away. Yes THREE!

Thursday 25th June

Social Traction

  • Interview with Claire Burdett, MD at The Media Marketing CO
  • Interview with Doug Kessler, Creative Director of Velocity Partners
  • Interview with Michelle Power, experienced copywriter
  • Online traction – what it’s really all about then?
  • Change the way you reach your clients.
  • Why watching your words – on content, socials, PR and in SEO – is essential to gain traction.
  • A free step-by-step guide to help you optimise like a pro to get your brand visible.

Friday 26th June

Social Goodness

  • Announcing Claire Burdett’s brand new book ‘Social Goodness’.
  • Interview with Sarah Townsend, author of bestselling ‘Survival Skills for Freelancers’.
  • Interview with Emma Tomes of Cafe Mind.
  • Interview with Nick Boothroyd of Naturally Talented Me.
  • How you really can’t afford to be tone deaf to your target audience’s needs; it’s about them, not you.
  • Find out how your brand can not just survive this extraordinary period, but thrive.
  • Social Goodness means you can change the world!