About Us

Claire and Helen at The Media Marketing Co's 10th birthday party in April 2019

Social Media Genius Week is the brainchild of Claire Burdett, CEO of Berkshire-based The Media Marketing Co (TMMC), who were the first social media marketing agency in the UK.

Founded in early 2009 by Claire Burdett and Helen Moore (pictured, left), The Media Marketing Co has just celebrated its 11th birthday.

Social Media Genius Week is a way of spotlighting the very best in social media practices and campaigns to help businesses and brands (large and small) to leverage what is probably the most powerful tool in their marketing toolbox. Most brands ‘broadcast’ on social media and this is not a sustainable strategy, especially in these challenging times.

Claire says:

“We see this as our chance to do some social goodness and share our knowledge and many other resources and insights to help brands, social media users, charities and small businesses to survive and thrive in what is already a very challenging period.

“Our hope is that we can help many brands understand how to use social media better and harness it with search and content marketing to gain visibility. We have also pulled together lots of examples and ideas from brands that are already providing innovative leadership and doing good within their communities, an absolute essential if businesses don’t want to become irrelevant and redundant.

“We’ll be looking at the evolution of social media and its impact on search marketing and digital marketing, sharing ‘What Good Looks Like’, as well as lots of brilliant free resources and exclusive expert guides and interviews with industry leaders.”

Ultimately, we want to help everyone see how social media can be good for both your business and your community, and to showcase social media goodness at is best. Hopefully, this Social Media Genius Week will help brands to navigate these extraordinary times of change we are living through, build resilience and innovation, and not just survive but thrive.

Join in to learn, to be entertained and to be amazed! Vote on the best Social Media Genius campaigns, tell us what we’ve missed, share your insights, and tap into all the inspiring stories, examples and free resources to unleash your Inner Genius!

The Team

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Claire Burdett
TMMC MD and Co-founder Claire had a background in advertising & publishing before coming into marketing and has been immersed in tech and digital since the 1990s. Analytics are her passion and she also loves to write! Claire loves making SEO and data work together with focused content and engaging social media marketing to help brands find their mojo and get visible online.

She created our integrated core service ‘Online Traction’ after seeing how it worked 10 years ago and refining it ever since to help get brands visible. Clients describe her as having a ‘magic wand’. She loves to talk and present, has written countless books, and she hosts a regular radio show.

Helen Moore
TMMC Head of Comms and Co-founder Helen is a PR gal through and through and has specialised in tech and lifestyle PR throughout her career. She was an early adopter of social media and is brilliant at writing content that is clear and engaging. She founded lifestyle website Feminine Zone in 2005 and worked with Claire on Funky Angel, before they co-founded The Media Marketing Co in 2009.

Working with businesses in the tech, finance, education, lifestyle and the food, wine & hospitality sectors are favourite, and she loves it when they cross over, such as with cryptocurrency or travel tech.

Tracy Stewart
CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) at TMMC
Tracy is an experienced marketing strategist and is passionate about delivering sustainable positive change for organisations. She has a background of over 25 years in international project risk management working with a wide range of sectors and industries for private, public and Third Sector clients. She was also a founder member of the UN Committee for Public-Private Partnership Development.

Tracy has spent the last ten years working with SMEs, Start-Ups, and a variety of non-profits as a marketing strategist, publicist, storyteller and business sounding board.