ASOS: #AsSeenOnMe

In 2018 ASOS used their skills in getting their clients to generate content and combined it with their Influencer Marketing experience to create their brilliant #AsSeenOnMe campaign.

The genius with integrating these different areas on social media is that people see what their peers are wearing and want to buy it too and they then take pictures of themselves wearing it, thus inspiring more people to purchase and style their own look. It’s what we call a circle of social goodness.

ASOS said:

“We know peer-to-peer styling advice and street style are a huge source of fashion inspiration for our customer”

It has proved very successful for the brand. Social media engagement sky-rocketed, with #AsSeenOnMe Instagram posts regularly getting over 10,000 likes.

The bottom line impact was equally as satisfying, with sales revenue in 2018 growing by 28% compared to 2017.

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