Led by Donkeys: People’s Vote campaign

The Led by Donkeys ‘People’s Vote’ campaign was the UK’s biggest crowdfunded political campaign and reached 30+ million people in the UK.

Led by Donkeys are an accidental political pressure group that came into existence literally ‘down the pub’ when four Dads were discussing how they could make a difference in the Brexit campaign.

Named after the phrase “Lions led by donkeys“, which was popularly used to describe the British infantry of the First World War (the Lions) and to blame the incompetent and indifferent generals who led them (donkeys), their campaign focused on making politicians own their own promises by pasting their tweets and quotes on full-size billboards.

Their People’s Vote campaign went on to become the biggest crowdfunded political campaign in the UK, with £1,268,086 raised to date. The Led by Donkey’s team have won numerous awards including the Drum’s Award for Best Social Media campaign with a social purpose in 2019 for their People’s Vote campaign.

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