Marmite: Dividing the Nation

There probably hasn’t ever been a topic that has quite divided the United Kingdom as much as Brexit, and it takes a brave brand to tackle such a controversial and hotly-debated subject. When done well, however, it can be highly effective and can also help make a difference to the bottom line as well as achieve a lot of social good.

Marmite used their famous ‘love it or hate it’ slogan to inspire the campaign and rift on the controversial nature of the Brexit debate. They used the choices ‘Hard Breakfast’, ‘Soft Breakfast’ or ‘No Breakfast’, and the tagline of ‘dividing the nation since 1902’ to playfully mock political dispute while reinforcing the brand.

Marmite reported that the:

“overwhelming majority of customers were very glad they spoke out and offered some much-needed light relief on the subject”.

The campaign achieved high engagement and 80% positive sentiment in conversation; quite a feat for such a contentious subject.

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