Mothercare: #BodyProudMums

This was a moving campaign, driven by social goodness and receiving universal praise from mothers in the UK and internationally. Mothercare worked with 10 real-life mums, telling incredible stories on the Mothercare social media and so created an online space for a conversation about the blow to women’s self-confidence after performing a miracle.

The campaign commissioned research into social media’s effect on mothers after birth, which found that over 80% of UK mothers compared their post-baby bodies to unrealistic ideals. This is perhaps not surprising given that 90% of women in the 18-25 age group expect their bodies to compete with celebrities and what they see on social media. More than half of mothers on social media are found to use apps/filters on photos of themselves to hide things about their appearance that they don’t like. Mothercare’s images were not digitally manipulated, making the positive response even more inspiring.

The results for the brand were also inspiring in the short term. Unfortunately it was a case of too little too late, as the brand’s slowness to invest in digital was cited as the main reason it went into administration a year or so later.

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