Spotify: Wrapped 2018

Not many brands can claim that their annual marketing campaign has become an eagerly anticipated event in people’s calendars, but that’s exactly what now happens with Spotify Wrapped.

On 6th December subscribers get sent their data stats of the year. This included the time they had spent listening to music on Spotify, their most played songs, favourite artist, genre insights and a ‘tastebreaker’ songlist, all beautifully presented.

The campaign in 2018 featured 350 unique billboard and poster designs based on user data, with personalised playlists, customised emails, and a data-driven microsite with personalised lists and info for each subscriber.

It was a genius campaign because it really did personalisation incredibly well in a way that resonated with the consumer (still a very difficult feat). It re-engaged users using data-driven insights shared in a humorous and witty manner on and offline. Putting the data and insights on billboards in very witty ways encouraged people to share the offline posters on social media via photos, thus creating a wonderful circle of engagement.

It’s no accident that Spotify is highly profitable, which is practically an oxymoron in the music industry, and reported increasing subscribers over 113 million in 2019.

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