Social Traction

Social traction means getting all your marketing, social media, content and SEO aligned and en point so it works together. By doing this properly you can get your brand visible on social media and on to the first page of Google for the terms that are best for your bottom line. And no, that isn’t some kind of marketing unicorn!

Brands need to create marketing traction to get visible online if they want to attract customers. There really isn’t any in between place – you are either on the first page of Google or you are invisible, because most people don’t click past the first page.

On social media the algorithms work against you, so if your post doesn’t get immediate social traction it will just drop off the feed. It will then not be shown to the people you want it to be – your target audience and your ideal clients.

For this segment we checked in with our Boss Lady Claire Burdett, MD at The Media Marketing Co (TMMC); Doug Kessler, Creative Director at Velocity Partners, who were Drum’s B2B agency of the year in 2019; and highly-experienced copywriter Michelle Power. We think you’re in good hands.

Claire Burdett – The Media Marketing Co

Claire is our Boss Lady, co-founder of TMMC and creator of Social Media Genius Week. Something of a trendspotter, Claire founded Funky Angel, the first UK website for WAHM, in the noughties and co-founded TMMC in 2009 before most people even realised social media was going to be a thing for business.

She’s probably more obsessed with analytics than is healthy, is also very creative and she always sees how the detail fits into the big picture. One of her particular talents is integrating social media, SEO and content to create online traction and get clients on the first page of Google (and thus innundated with sales). Said clients often describe this as ‘waving a magic wand‘.

Claire says –

“Getting visible online is more like potion making: miss one bit out and it won’t work and if you tweak the ingredients it might just work better…

She likes writing about marketing and trends and loves helping good businesses succeed. She is about to publish her latest book where she brings all that – and all this at Social Media Genius – together, called Social Goodness.

Doug Kessler – Velocity

Doug worked for Ogilvy & Mather, New York, back in the day, but got bored and jumped ship to work with B2Bs here in London, where eventually he co-founded Velocity with Stan. Doug loves writing about marketing, creativity, content and tech, and also has a thing for analytics (see the theme here?). One of his favourite things (apart from playing the banjo) is helping good companies grow. His insights into the state of play on social media at the moment were many, our favourites being:

“You have to believe the engagement with your community, your people, will be good for your business.’

“I look at a lot of brand social media activity and its like I can see your playbook is showing, your strategy is showing, so I feel like a target audience or prospector, not a real person”.

And Amen to that we say. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

Michelle Power – Power of Words

Michelle is a highly skilled copywriter with a career of more than 20 years that encompasses advertising, marketing and brand building copywriting.

Before founding Power of Words, Michelle worked for some of the industry’s top advertising agencies, including FCB, CDP and D’Arcy, before moving in-house as a writer for The Body Shop, Head of Copy for Neal’s Yard Remedies, and more recently as freelance copywriter for the National Trust.

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