Using Social Media for Good

We have looked at a lot of different areas that make up social media genius but the last piece of the puzzle is that your marketing for your brand has to resonate on a fundamental level and make people happy, fulfilled, feel inspired, supported, give people a purpose. It has to speak to people emotionally and it has to bring joy. In short, what we call Social Goodness, a term our very own Claire Burdett coined some years ago and about which she has now written a book! See here for more details!

Our Favourite Social Media Genius Campaigns

You can see this really clearly in all of our favourite Social Media Genius campaigns (have you voted for your favourites yet? If not please do!)

The #ThisGirlCan campaign that inspired women to stop feeling anxious about their jiggly bits or looking sweaty and to start doing more exercise. The Greggs sausage roll that was answering a direct consumer request and wasn’t about to let other people claim it was irrelevant.

The Gillette campaign that knew that that men generally needed to stop being expected to behave in a damaging, old fashioned way, and tapped into that zeitgeist. The Mothercare campaign that celebrates the wonder of childbirth and didn’t photoshop the amazing body that created that life.

No wonder people loved them, because research shows us that people crave emotional connection, community and authenticity, and are increasingly rejecting corporate slickness and spin. All the way through this week we have heard that brands need to be more human, more vulnerable and show more empathy. We also know a lot of companies are still not getting this and that these are the ones that will ultimately fail over the next few years.

How is Your Brand Using Social Media for Good?

So the question is, right now at this pivotal point in time, what are you going to do on social media that makes a difference? What Social Goodness are you going to do as a business, as a human being?

We at The Media Marketing Co launched Social Media Genius Week as our way of making insights and resources freely available to help brands navigate this seminal moment in our history, and our MD Claire Burdett has written a book called Social Goodness. We also feature here three more inspiring examples of people who have already answered that question. We will keep adding to it over the coming months – DM us if you have a case study to share!

Introducing Sarah Townsend, marketing writer and author of Survival Skills for Freelancers; Emma Tomes, who set up Cafe Mind following pandemic-inspired redundancy; and Nick Boothroyd who has set up an innovative inclusive recruitment start up called NaturallyTalentedMe.

Sarah Townsend: Survival Skills for Freelancers

Freelance marketing copywriter Sarah Townsend used the power of social media community on Twitter and LinkedIn to seed support for her book ‘Survival Skills for Freelancers’ ahead of launch on Freelancers Day on Thursday 18th June. The result is what every publisher and brand dreams of achieving as it created a huge buzz and propelled the book to the top of the Amazon sales!

It even went international and the feedback she has received has, she says, blown her away, with 5 star reviews across the board.

And if you noticed Sarah referring to Mark Masters’ community and don’t know what that is about, you can find out more here.

Emma Tomes: Cafe Mind

Emma recently started a daily video journal for LinkedIn to share her challenges and successes in facing redundancy from Specsavers. As she says, it was a job she had loved, so as she says, it was very much like a bereavement. Emma “aka Cafe Mind Lady” was thrown into Furlough and decided to set up a Facebook group called Cafe Mind to help people during this tricky time.

In a few months the group has grown into a vibrant community of over 400 people, with not just virtual coffees and chats round the virtual water cooler, as you would expect, but Cafe Minds Britain’s Got Talent, daily DJ Sunshine, PocoDogs Pet Appreciation week, Fearless Fridays, and soon-to-be Cafe Minds Bake Off! Her story is a masterclass in how to build an engaged community on social media out of shared emotional experiences

Nick Boothroyd

Nick has had an amazing career in recruitment and HR and his speciality is spotting talent with people who don’t tick the conventional boxes. He has just launched a brand new project which is totally online and will use social media as it’s lifeblood.

Naturally Talented Me is a profiling platform to provide a brilliantly inclusive recruitment service to the widest range of candidates – a project which really showcases how digital and social can be a force for good.

The crowdfunding page that Nick mentions in the interview can be found here.