What is Social Media Genius?

Social Media Genius is a magical melange of creativity and technical data coupled with empathy. It gives brands heart and soul, inspires people, creates visibility and drives action. In short, it is how a brand becomes human. To illustrate that a bit better we asked two luminaries, Douglas Burdett, host of The Marketing Book Podcast, and PR Rockstar, Natalie Trice, to share their insights with us.

We also drill down a bit into the nuts and bolts of how to make something ‘genius’ and share links to more articles and downloadable resources here on What makes a Brand ‘Genius‘?.

Douglas Burdett: The Doctor is IN

Douglas Burdett is the host of The Marketing Book Podcast, listed by Forbes’ as one of the Top 11 podcasts ‘That will keep you in the know’ and in LinkedIn’s Top 10 list of ‘Podcasts that will make you a better marketer’.

If you haven’t listened in to The Marketing Book Podcast as yet (where have you been?!) the premise is simple: Douglas reads a marketing book once a week and interviews the author on the Friday. The genius bit is that Douglas started the podcast 25th January 2015, so that’s 283 of the best marketing books in the world to date and he’s interviewed nearly as many authors (some have written lots of books and so appeared 3, 4 or even 6 times – here’s looking at you Mark Schaeffer). So it is fair to say Douglas knows more than your average bear about trends in marketing, what works and what doesn’t. As he says in the very first episode:

Marketing is going through a wrenching transformation right now and that pace is quickening.”

And that pace has been accelerated out the ballpark at warp-speed by the pandemic and every other subsequent knock-on event that is happening at the moment, as he discusses with Claire.

Douglas is also really good at recommending exactly the right book or resource you need to answer your marketing questions – like a doctor for marketing! – and gave Claire a personalised Social Media Genius marketing book ‘prescription’ to share with you, which we’ve listed below. In addition, as special for all our budding social media geniuses, Douglas kindly says he is happy to recommend marketing book’s especially for you to suit your needs. Just connect with him on LinkedIn and quote Social Media Genius – et voila!

Social Media Genius Reading List

Natalie Trice: PR School

Natalie Trice has had an amazing career in PR, from running around the world managing multiple agencies, to now coaching and training others in PR, alongside delivering impactful strategies for her own clients (you can find her at www.pr-school.co.uk and www.goodenoughcoach.co.uk)

What better person to talk with then to get a perspective on how companies and brands are using social media well (or not so well), and more importantly, how their campaigns have changed in these COVID-19/economic meltdown/social unrest times. All in the context of what you can learn from them.

Helen and Natalie had a chat from their deeply rural lockdown boltholes in the Creuse, France and Devon, England respectively, about what’s happening in the world today, from how well the local village shop is doing, to how global brands are changing tack and the potential impact where they are not. Natalie also came up with a brilliant new hashtag….! Listen in to find out more.